Jim Page - This movie is for real

3Oppdatert: 07.04.2011

Nacksving 031-43
(LP) 1982


  This movie is for real
Time enough for questions when the killing's done
  Saint Martha
  The great Gritty City (London Town)
  You can't make it go away
  Bobby Cortez
  The medicine show
  They call it agent orange
  A long way home
Jim Page
Björn Afzelius
Bernt Andersson
Janne Brynstedt
Per Melin

vocals, acoustic guitar
backup vocals
all keyboards, accordion, mandolin, and bass
electric guitars
Produced, recorded and remixed at El Commendante Studios, Gotherburgh, Sweden, December 1981 by Tommy Rander with full assistance from the band and Jim.